Sustainable end-of-life products – biodegradable carton sealing tapes

With growing environmental concerns, sustainable products are getting more and more awareness, which is especially visible within the packaging industry. Amongst others, sustainable end-of-life scenarios for packaging products like biodegradability and enabler for a more efficient circular economy are required. Nevertheless, there are only few examples of biodegradable PSA tapes so far that support these packaging developments. One promising solution might be new polyurethane-based adhesives. The biodegradability was proven in accordance with the challenging EN 13432 for a first generation of PU-based adhesive and is shown in graph 1. This adhesive shows excellent shear strength but did not fully fulfill the requirement regarding the peel adhesion of carton sealing tapes. A second generation of a PU-based adhesive was developed by changing the polymer composition leading to improved adhesive properties shown in table 1. Furthermore, the disintegration according to EN ISO 20200 was faster and it is stable even under elevated temperatures and high humidity.

Location: Date: 06/05/2021 Time: 14:10 - 14:35 Dr. Tobias Winkler – tesa SE